Before inquiring about adopting rats, please read the adoption policies and procedures.  If you are still interested in adopting, please complete the adoption application.

Current litters

None at this time.

Expecting litters

None at this time.

Planned litters

EKO FSTR Shel Silverstein x EKO FSTR Sterling Silver
December 2009/January 2010
Siamese (Russian blue point)
Satin, rex, satin rex, double rex, satin double rex and standard coats
Standard ears with small chance for dumbo

Past litters

Souls (KDR Rockmelon x TSR Leela)
Pastries (TSR Sulley x BVR Somewhere Beyond the Sea)
Rent (FSTR Korba x BVR Somewhere Beyond the Sea)
Russians (LMR Cassius x EKO Crepe)
Cars (EKO Mark Cohen x FSTR Callipyge)
Dachshunds (EKO Mark Cohen x RSA Ch. EKO Sashenka)
Games (BVR Ahmose x EKO Heidi van Dankelein)
Silver (EKO Check Engine Light x EKO Hungry Hungry Hippos)

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