Current stock is from the following ratteries:

The FarStar Rattery – Michigan
Mink and Pearl Merle

Bao Varakhii (aka Blue Velvet) Rattery – Michigan
Cinnamon, Siamese and Satin

Other Ratteries

The Ratster
International list and description of ratteries


Kim’s Ark Rescue – New England area
General rescue and recycled lab animals


Rat Fanciers of the Lakes
Rat education in the Great Lakes area

North American Rat Registry
Pedigree information


The Dapper Rat
Pictures, products and fun

The Rat Guide
Health, medication and care information

The Ratlist
The oldest and largest Yahoo! Group related to rats

Rat and Mouse Club of America
Information and stories

National Fancy Rat Society
Show club based in the UK

American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
Information, products, showing and more
Highly recommended!

The Rat Fan Club
Good for new owners and kids

Veterinary Partner: Sue Brown Health Series
Health information

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