BVR Severe Thunderstorms

BVR Severe Thunderstorms

Name meaning: Weather patterns litter theme

Call name: Storms

Type: Russian blue

Bred by: Bao Varakhii Rattery

Date of birth: September 29, 2007

NARR: 08BVR0034/10M

Line: BVR Mongongo x EKO Wilhelmina van Dankelein

Type: 90 Terrifically proportioned head, well-placed small ears, very substantial, color to toes, silvering as adolescent – definately would have been bred if not for health

Temperament: 85 Very squishy, curious, engaged

Health: 60 Two spells of severe dyspnea one week apart summer of 2009, each lasting over night.  No issues noted prior.  As of Nov ’09, he’s developed some constant lung crackles and has lost some condition.

Breeding status: No litters

Show record: NIRO 2008 DNP

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