Adoption policies

Adoption Policies

I unfortunately cannot allow visitors into the rattery. There are too many easily spreadable contagious pathogens that have horrible morbidity and mortality rates. This policy is for the health and safety of my rats and yours. I am happy to provide pictures of the rattery if you would like to see the set-up.

Pups are $20 each and are sold in same-sex pairs only unless you have a same-sex or altered companion at home already. I lose money with every litter – extra amounts of special food, bedding, your adoption packet, etc all cost extra money – and my prices are competitive with other breeders and pet stores.

You will be required to sign an adoption contract. It requires that you take good care of your rats and goes over the return policy, breeding rights and other issues. Rats homed as pets cannot be bred, and the contract is rather strict about this. A blank copy of this contract is available before the adoption if you would like to review it beforehand.

Rats on breeding contract are only available to reputable, established ratteries that I personally am acquainted with. Ratteries must be a member of a governing club such as AFRMA, RatsPacNW or RFL.

Minors must have parental consent before adopting. Rats will not be adopted out to anyone under the age of 18; however, I will adopt out to parents as long as they realize that the care of the animals ultimately rests with them and not the child. Children often lose interest and it is use to the parent to be responsible for the care of the rat. Adopt as if this is to be the parent’s rat and not the child’s.

Hairless pups will not be made available to the public. All hairless and carrier litters at EKO will be part of a research study focusing on the heath implications of hairless rats in the rat fancy. Assistance will be given by certain faculty and staff members of MSU CVM.

Any information I might put up on the pups as they grow is an educated guess. Markings and colors may change as they grow fuzz then hair.

Echo Rattery has the first pick of the litter, followed by other breeders, then the pet waiting list on a first come-first served basis. As much as I’d love to see everyone get their first-pick, we wouldn’t get very far in our breeding program if all of the great breeding stock went to everyone else as pets. We try to be as accommodating as possible when setting you up with your rats, but please remember that we breed to improve the species, not just to make lots of pets.

Adoption Procedures

After reading this page, please send in a completed adoption application. Upon receiving and reviewing your application, I will contact you. I may have extra questions for you, approve you right away, or ask that you alter your care routine before adoption.

Pups are available for a firm reserve at 4 weeks of age. When they reach 4 weeks old (listed as ‘Reservation Date’ on the litter web page), I will post the availability of rats. After the web page is updated with keepers the night before that date, I will accept emails listing which rats you’d be interested in. Please provide backup listings; many litters have more adopters than available rats.

After I have contacted you informing you of your rats, we will then arrange a pick-up site and time. Transportation may be available to select locals – please see Updates for locations and dates available. Rats are available for pick up when they turn 6 weeks old. This allows the rats an extra week here without their mother to become more acclimated to life without her while staying in a comfortable and secure surrounding.

When you come to pick your rats up, please remember to bring along a carrier. I will not allow rats to leave without one. If you have a long drive ahead, a piece of moist fruit or vegetable is recommended to keep the rats hydrated, full and busy. At this time, we will go over and sign the contract. For the contract and your adoption fee, you’ll get your rats and an adoption packet that includes their pedigrees, information about the RFL, copies of their registration, and more. A copy of the contract will be mailed to you for your reference after the adoption.

I appreciate pictures and updates as your rat grows up! I am here for you throughout the life of your rats. If you ever have any questions or concerns, simply use the contact information provided in the adoption packet.

Adoption Application


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