Adoption application

Please copy and paste the following questionnaire into your email browser and send to evensone at msu dot edu. It may feel long and tedious, but your answers allow me to know a bit more about your situation, offer tips specific to your home, point out any products/websites/veterinarians that might be relevant, and let me get to know you a bit more. Mostly, this allows me to know if my rats would be a good fit for your home.

Please include your full name and city/state.

How would you house your rats? What kind of cage and what size? Where would the cage be located? What kind of food and bedding do you plan to use? How often do you think you’d be playing with them?

Do you have a regular veterinarian? Have you verified that they treat pet rats? Would you mind authorizing your vet to release your records (ie talk to me about your care for your other pets)? How often would you plan on going to the vet? Please include your veterinarian’s name, clinic name, and city/state.

Do you currently live with any other pets? How would/do they interact with the rats? If you do not currently have other pets, are you aware that you may have to spend extra time training and acclimating your new pet and the rats? (Rats terrify most birds; cats generally leave them alone; some breeds of dog may never be safely kept around small mammals, etc…)

How long have you had pet rats? I’d like to know more about the rats you’ve had in the past – where you got them from, what their personalities were like, any health issues you’ve experienced and how you dealt with them, and how old the rats lived to be and what they passed on from…

Would you like rats to show, breed, or just have around as companions? Are the rats mostly for you or another member of your family?

Do you have any rat books or favorite online sites? Which ones?

Do you have the complete support of your husband, boyfriend, parents, kids, etc? Are they all OK with you getting a pair of rats? Does everyone in the household want rats? If you have children, I’d love to hear about them – their names, ages and their potential involvement with the rats are essential for me to provide helpful advice on adoptions!

Do you live in an apartment/house that allows caged pets? (Please note that unless you can demonstrate a significant commitment to your rats, I will not adopt out to students living in on-campus housing at MSU.) Would you be able to care for and keep your rats with you throughout their lives? Are you prepared to inform me first if you feel that you can’t take care of the rats anymore? I require that any rats of my breeding be re-homed back here, instead of being passed around friends or being placed at a humane society.  Are you willing to update us on the health and temperament status of your rats throughout their lives?

Are you, or do you plan to be, on any other rattery’s wait list as well? Which ones?

And finally, how did you hear of us?

If there is anything else that you think would be useful for me to know about you, please elaborate.

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