Meeting the standard is the goal of breeding. The standard describes the ideal rat. This is essentially impossible to achieve, but the closer we get, the better rats we have. These are just like dog (and horse and rabbit and koi and…) breed standards. Standards describe the physical look and type of a rat, but it is assumed that the rat is healthy enough and temperamentally sound enough to be a good companion, so they do not go over those important points. Although the standards describe some points merely because they make the rat aesthetically pleasing to the eye, other points are included because they make sounder rats more able to withstand both the lifestyle they are naturally evolving for and the lifestyle that domestication imposes upon them.

At Echo Rattery, we focus on Russian blue and Siamese colors in standard and hairless coats with standard ears. We do not breed or work with any tailless or dwarf rats or carriers of those traits. Because of common genetic ancestry, we often have blacks, American blues, Himalayans, pink-eyed whites, dumbo-eared, satin-coated and rex-coated rats turn up in our rattery and litters. Personally, my favorite type of rat is a Russian blue point Siamese dumbo rex buck, but this has nothing to do with what makes a good pet. Eye appeal differs from person to person.

Animal temperament does not depend on physical characteristics of rats. A blue rat is no better a pet than a dumbo is no better than a rex, etc. All rats placed from Echo Rattery are suitable as companions and friends!

Markings and Patterns:

Russian blue
American blue
Pink-eyed white

Dumbo ears
Standard ears
Rex coat
Standard coat
Hairless coat
Satin coat

Just as, if not more than, important as the variety is the general type of the rat.

The RSA show standard for general type is as follows:

General Appearance: Rats should have a healthy overall appearance. The rat shall be of good size, with does being long and racy in type and bucks being of bigger build. There should be an arch over the loin blending well into the croup. They shall be clean and neat with nails trimmed. Weight shall be sleek, firm and slightly rounded, not too fat or too thin. There should be no sign of illness, recent injury or parasites. Males are to have two fully-descended testicles of equal size and shape.

Head: Well balanced head of medium length, displaying a short profile. The muzzle should not be narrow or pointed, but strong, broad and blunt.

Eyes: Round, bold, prominent, large and clean, set wide apart giving width to the head. Ideal placement approximately halfway between the tip of the nose and back of the ears.

Tail: Cylindrical with good length, at least the length of the body (nose to base of tail), with good placement at the end of the spine. Thick at the base and tapering to a fine point. Should be firm and not thin or bony. Faults: not cylindrical, short, or thin. Disqualification: kinked or docked.

Teeth: Normal set of two upper and two lower incisors, none misshapen or missing. The rat should be able to close his mouth normally, with top incisors in front of the lower.

General faults: Rats of insufficient size, over or underweight. Stained or dirty coat and/or untrimmed nails. Healed injuries which detract from the overall appearance of the rat, such as a tattered eat.

General disqualifications: Nursing or pregnant does. Obvious ill-health, recent injuries/wounds/scabs/sores or parasites. Difficult to handle, intractability. Dyed coat. Males missing one or both testicles. Missing body parts.

Condition is worth 33% of the total score, Color/Markings are 33%, and Conformation/Type is 34% of the total score.

Disclaimer: This section of the website is not intended to be a complete reference or standard for the above types. It is merely to be used as a helpful description of types likely to be found in the rattery and was added for the use of those adopters new to rats and ratteries. Also please note that screen tints vary, and the pictures included are merely representative and are not to match the exact coat tint needed as included in the standard.

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