Flower Essences: Power or Placebo?

Citation: Robinson N. Flower essences: power or placebo? Vet Prac News. 2007 April; 34.

Location: Not available from Veterinary Practice News, but a free online copy can be found here.

Favorite line: “Study after study indicates that flower essences act as powerful placebos and nothing more.”

Official abstract: Not available.

Rattery-relevant summary:

Flower essences and essential oils are at opposite ends of the spectrum from each other.  Essential oils are highly concentrated, flower essences are extremely diluted.  Alcohol is half of the essence and water makes up the rest.  ‘Vibrations’ of the flower give the essence it’s healing power.

Dr Edward Bach (Bach Flower Essences) originally simply soaked petals in water.  He believed that all illness begins in the mind, and giving flower essences could prevent future sickness.  Rescue Remedy may be one of the better essences available, but is still lacking in evidence of efficacy.

Some therapists believe that putting a few drops in a water bottle or on a rat’s fur will be effective, as the vibrational energies are in contact with the animal.  There has been no study showing flower essences work any better than a placebo.

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