Thinking About Breeding?

Before you think about breeding rats, there are several things to consider. Many other ratteries and rat clubs have written about these topics in detail. Some good sources to review are the RMCA Breeding articles, AFRMA Breeding – General articles, Rat Reproduction by Debbie Ducommun, Alpha Centauri Stud’s Breeding Rats and Mentoring, RatSauce Breeding Info, and Spoiled Ratten Rattery’s Information on Breeding. Those are just a few pages that touch on considerations before breeding; they do not detail how to breed. Anyone can put a male and a female together and call themselves a breeder, but it takes every effort to a new level to be a conscientious and ethical breeder producing sound rats.

Bao Varakhii Rattery has written up an excellent document considering financial details, “Should I Breed My Rats?“. Those items are just the tip of the iceberg and are the bare minimum to keep your rattery going. Below are additional expenses to consider:

Club dues/NARR membership
Toys and enrichment – hammocks, tubes, igloos, chews
Supplies – food dishes, carriers, water bottles
Cleaning supplies – bags, vacuums, broom, disinfectant
Rat related books, magazines and journals
Library dues
Photography – camera, sets
Record keeping supplies – Breeder’s Assistant, binders
Gas for meeting adopters and breeders
Travel to shows and conferences – hotels, gas, admission fees
Time spent with adopters
Time spent proving yourself
Increased rent and decreased living options for pet-friendly housing
”Real life’ pricing on housing, food, bedding, advertising and vet
Real costs of litter – treats, toys, fluff, bedding

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