General Pet Information:

The Small Animals Question and Answer Manual: Practical and Expert Advice on Caring for Small Animals by David Alderton. Published in Oxford by Andromeda Oxford Limited/Barron’s Educational Series in 2001. 1 ch on Mice/Rats. 3 of 5 – average. pages, color, hardcover.

Great Pets! An Extraordinary Guide to More Than 60 Usual and Unusual Family Pets by Sara Stein. Published in North Adams, MA by Storey Kids Publishing in 2003. 1 ch on Rats. 1 of 5 – very inaccurate care information (ie ‘good’ cage size on 8 in by 8 in, no need to go to vet, etc). 358 pages, b/w, softcover.

Small Animal Care and Management, 2nd edition by Dean M. Warren. Published in New York by Delmar/WThompson Learning in 2002. 1 ch on rats. 1 of 5 – very inaccurate care information (ie picking up by tail), general bad attitude about rats. 434 pages, color, hardcover.

Kids Non-Fiction:

Rats! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Richard Conniff. Published in New York by Crown Publishers in 2002. 4 of 5 – focuses on wild rats/rat biology, some pictures by Grove Pashley. 35 pages, color, hardcover.


The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett. Published in by in.

Veterinary Texts:

Pink book

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