About the Rattery

Echo Rattery (est. 2000), one of the oldest ratteries in Michigan, is owned by Emilie Evenson and is located in Lake Orion, MI.  E-mail contact is at evensone@msu.edu.  Inquiries for references and credentials are welcome.

We are members of the following rat societies:
Rat Fanciers of the Lakes,
Western Michigan chapter of
Rat and Mouse Club of America,
American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
We are listed on the Ratster and register all of our rats with the North American Rat Registry.

Who are you?

Echo Rattery & Farms is owned by myself, Emilie Evenson. I get a lot of help from my significant other, Kyle Stepp, and have gotten help in the past from my friend Dan Johnson.

In short, I have over 10 years experience working professionally with animals. While my career goals are focused around working with horses, most of my income comes from research on rats and mice. I have several professional rodent-related certifications, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. If you are really interested in me, my resume is here.

My hobbies are mostly work-related. I enjoy reading, love continuing my education, am a member of several professional societies and organizations, and volunteer with animal-related charities. I show and own many other species aside from rats; they include horses, rabbits, dogs, fish, cats, mice, various reptiles, and insects. For something completely non-animal related, I have also worked as a crew member in several theaters, and enjoy stage-managing and other backstage activities.

How did you get started in breeding?

I got my first rats right after high school. I started to rescue rats that needed new homes. Eventually, I got tired of coming across sick, cranky and ugly rats. I felt that I could apply my knowledge to better the species.

I enjoy having only a few litters a year here so that I can focus on quality, not quantity. I only breed the best, and do not bother with litters that may be “so-so.” Although this may require longer waits for potential adopters, they can be assured that when they adopt from Echo Rattery they will be getting a sound and typey rat.

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